VTV Station - General crew

This team of enthousiastic professionals is here to give you the best online experience on VTV Dance.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with them for more information about the station or a specific channel.

Each channel has its own entertaining and producing crew,
more information about their team members is available on the individual channel pages.


Rob Fowler

- VTV Dance founder/owner
- Main director/producer
- Teacher choreography courses (V1/V2)
- Teacher instructor courses (V3/V4)
- Instructor social dance workshops
- Virtual Event Director


Roy Verdonk

- Founding member
- Channel director/producer (V10)
- Instructor technique classes
- Instructor social dance workshops


Jeffke Camps

- Webdesigner/webmaster
- DTP/online promotion
- Instructor social dance workshops
- Allround support/members support


Debbie Jayne Ellis

- General administration assistant
- Mustangs dance instructor (V9)
- Debbie's Dancers' leading lady (V9)
- Allround support/members support


Laura Sway

- Admin support

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