Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VTV (short for Virtual TV Dance) has 10 channels. Each channel is set up with a private Facebook Group and publishes its own programme. In order to view the programme, you will need a Facebook account and join the private groups. According to the programme, the host or guest instructors will go Live in the group. You can watch and comment interactively with the host. If you miss the live feed, don’t worry. All the programmes are recorded and kept in the group. You can watch it anytime. Shortlinks to the different channels are on the channel page and in the TV-guide

A subscription to our TV station costs £20 and will give you acces to all 10 channels for 4 weeks. We have 2 options at our subscription page where u can choose for a 'one month try out' or the membership that automatic renews your subscription every 4 weeks. Payment will be handled by PayPal.

People that don't feel comfortable using Paypal can wire transfer the fee to LEGENDS IN LINE with following bank information:
BANK Lloyds Bank UK
ACCOUNT Legends In Line
SORT CODE 309897
IBAN GB52 LOYD 3098 9766 4723 60

For more information about what is included in your subscription please go to the subscription page.

After we receive your payment, we will add you to private channel groups. Please allow 2 working days in order to enroll you in the system. To speed up the process, you can click on the channel logo's and ask to join the groups. If we have checked your payment details, we will then accept your request to join the channel. Please do this for all channels you're intrerested in.

The VTV Open Chatroom is a public group that you can join for free. Here you'll be able to find all news about the VTV channels. Access to this group will be accepted without a subscription/payment.

There is something for everyone, just head to our channel page and click on the channel introductions to find out what the directors have to tell you about all they offer at their channel.


If you don't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us with the form. 
We'll be more than happy to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.   :)

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