Our dance channels

Choreography class
Level 1

Everything you need to know to before starting to choreograph a dance taught by the legend himself

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Choreography class
Level 2

Challenging classes to take your choreography skills to the next level with Rob's tips & tricks

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Instructor course
'Basics' Level 1

In these classes Rob offers you all you need to become or grow into a successful line dance instructor

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Instructor course
'Technical' Level 1

Building on the basic skills of an instructor, you'll learn more technical things for your class

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Virtual Weekend Events

Virtual Legend events, workshops by top choreographers, social dancing, live music and more!

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Country Channel

A line dance channel, offering everything in French, for all French-speaking dancers on the globe

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USA Dance

A channel with a mild focus on American time slots!
+ the choreography course level 1 for them too

NRG Channel

A focus on classics and higher level dances for the ones with lots of energy!

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currently not running

Roy Verdonks
Dance Nations

Channel offering work-outs, line dance workshops, technique classes, theme's, chatroom, travel blog & much more, hosted by Roy
& guest instructors

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VTV Open Chatroom
(free for non members)

How to watch?

You can easily acces all diffrerent channels by clicking on the channel logo's on this page. U will then be redirected to the FB-group. Once paid, you can ask to join all channel groups and will be accepted asap so you'll have access.

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